Art Forever is a free online platform for artists where they can be found and in addition, projects, portraits, etc. of these artists are shown with the intention / wish to contribute to a better understanding of art and society.

There are many artists and designers and much inspiring art & design projects are being developped.
New processes, new perspectives. What occupies these creators and why?
How do they translate this into their visual art work?
For centuries artists respond with their work on social change or try to influence on society by using art. But not everything gets the attention it deserves, much remains invisible.

With brief documentaries about artists, designers and their work ART FOREVER wants to be an online stage and contribute to a better understanding of what is going on in the art world and our community.

Send in your films

It is possible to supply videos yourself so that these can be posted on the site and contribute to ART FORVER’S objective. Obviously, the videos must comply with certain conditions.  They are assessed by ART FOREVER on quality and content before they go ‘live’.
Find here to what settings the video needs to be and how to submit.

ART FOREVER has a wide commitment to further expand the site with videos about artists, designers and projects related to visual arts. The financial means required for this will be obtained in different ways:
• By commissioned projects.
• From funding bodies.
• From donations

The Art Forever Foundation
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