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After receipt the video is checked on quality and content.
Regarding the quality, it is expected that the video is well created, inspiring and inviting.
Regarding the content, the video for example cannot contain any obscenities or other rarities that are not substantively justified.
In other words, it should add something to the philosophy that ART FOREVER has in mind.
The assessment will be done by ART FOREVER
ART FOREVER will not further discuss the assessment.
Once it has been posted on the site ART FOREVER remains the right to remove the video again.
The sender cannot derive any rights from the posting of the video.
However, the sender can request that the sent video should be removed again.


Privacy Law
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Copy right
If the video contains any material or element that does not belong to the sender, or where the rights belong to third parties, and/or if there are people in the video, the sender is responsible for collecting all transfer and approval to publish the video (please note this also applies for the associated audio) prior to entering the video. If a person in the video is underage, a signature of one of his/her parents is required. At the possible request of ART FOREVER these documents should be provided within 7 days.
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